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The $0 Investment To Increase Your Ecommerce Revenue by +300%

Expand your Amazon inventory to the hottest marketplace online without spending a cent on setup. 

🔴 Only Available For A Limited Time
Open to All E-commerce Sellers

TikTok Shop Is the Platform For Social Commerce

Traffic to TikTok has never been higher
  • 1.5B monthly user base spending an average of 95 minutes a day!
  • ​71.2% of TikTok shop users have bought something after seeing it in their feed
  • ​55% of TikTok users have made an impulse purchase on the platform
  • ​Every age group represented - it's not just for teenagers
    (check out the graph!) 

If you want to expand your ecommerce or Amazon business to TikTok Shop...
this is for you. 

Right now, your margins are being squeezed. Competition is fierce on all major marketplaces. 
And advertising costs are rising.

What if you could take your Amazon or Shopify inventory and...

 Tap into a whole new marketplace 

 with a riveted audience RIFE for the picking 

 for ZERO cost to get started? 

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TikTok Shop For Sellers
The most comprehensive course that shows you exactly what to do on a daily, weekly, and basis to generate massive growth on TikTok Shop.
Everything You Get Inside This Program... 
 6 modules of step by step instructions from an industry leader responsible for expanding multiple 7-figure brands to TikTok Shop
 Community Q&A so you can get your questions answered quickly
 Exclusive issue escalation through our TikTok Shop official partnership
 Weekly office hours to keep up to date on all things TikTok Shop and to get your questions and problems answered live
 Plug-and-play project management templates to quickly get your team up to speed on the systems of TikTok Shop

This is How Beyond Braid Made An
 Extra $169,151 in Sales 
(And Became the #1 Seller in Their TikTok Shop Category) 

We thought this would be a interesting experiment. We didn't realize how we'd actually gain on our Amazon business! We made 27% of our Amazon revenue our first month on TikTok Shop!

Ryan M

People say TikTok Shop is a distraction but we can't believe our results. This kind of bump is becoming typical and we'll take it!

Ryan J

I tried to get traction on our own the first two months and didn't get very far. Started following Michelle’s course and our sales are steadily growing!

Sandy G
Here's A Breakdown of the Course…
Module 1: Opportunity Overview & Onboarding
A shortcut to getting setup on TikTok Shop quickly - avoiding the major mishaps holding most sellers back
  • Determine your product viability on TikTok Shop
  • ​Get the step by step breakdown of how to get setup on TikTok Shop (for sellers with US beneficial owners)
  • ​Identify your revenue goals and back into the strategies required to achieve them
Module 2: Listing Setup & Optimization
Discover the secrets to setup your listings for maximum success
  • TOS compliant listings without all the fluff
  • Discover common mistakes sellers make that get their products suspended
  • How to optimize your listings to maximize conversions
Module 3: All Things Affiliate - Outreach, Relationship Building & Content Management
Put TikTok's Creators to work for your products creating spirals of viral sales 
  • Simplify TikTok Shop success with easy creator outreach using the Affiliate Center's tools.
  • Maximize exposure with Open Collaborations: set commissions, offer samples, attract creators
  • ​Efficiently recruit top Creators with the 3 S Method: Search, Sort, and Save
Module 4: Easy Ads for Revenue Acceleration
Get our best strategies for generating revenue...and see how to pick which ones are RIGHT for you
  • Identify top content with TikTok Shop Analytics Dashboards for better ad setup
  • Easily manage TikTok ads: Campaign, Audience, and Billing tools for streamlined ad creation
  • How to ​get a free Tiktok Ad Rep for a Month (or a year!)
Module 5: Rocket Your Reviews - Moat Building on Steroids
Leverage all the ways TikTok Shop helps you build reviews for your products.
  • Boost reviews with aggressive product inserts that capture attention and offer compelling incentives.
  • ​Enhance credibility by importing stellar reviews from other platforms to your TikTok Shop.
  • ​Maximize efficiency with saved reply templates for quick, compelling review requests to your buyers.
Module 6: Team Responsibilities, Workflows, And Shop Management
Get our best strategies for generating revenue...and see how to pick which ones are RIGHT for you
  • Discover how to organize your team for maximum results
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Tasks for every member of the team
  • Mapped out workflows so every step is efficiently executed
Do You Wish You'd Joined Amazon in the Early Days?
When traffic was high but competition was low?
Where you could get access to your customer data to deepen relationship AND sales?

When you could easily get help with issues from a real person dedicated to your success?

Now is THAT time with TikTok Shop! 

Get access to crazy things like:
 Customer addresses and SMS info
 Import to quickly build reviews
 Request reviews directly from customer 
 Contact customers about negative ratings or reviews
 And so much more...

Join Now for A One Time Cost of $997 $497

Then Just $97/Month.

No contract. Cancel anytime. 

The ROI you get on this program far exceeds what you'll pay considering the fact that you can add +$100,000 in additional revenue with... 

X  No extra set up costs. 
X  No extra inventory needed. 
X  No time wasted getting started. 

Join now while you can still take advantage of a 50% discount for this BETA group!  

Then only $97 a month for continued access to the weekly office hours and ticket support from TikTok. 

You're Covered By Not One...
But TWO Guarantees
The first guarantee is if you show up every day, engage, and do the work…

You’ll be set up for your best-ever year in business.

The next guarantee is that if you aren't satisfied with the content, email us at [email protected] within 5 days of purchase.

We'll refund you every penny of your investment. 
If You Don't Start on TikTok Shop Now...
You're Giving Your Competition the Edge
Opportunities for building brands with TikTok Shop are taking off now.

Users are flocking to the platform constantly and sellers are reaping the rewards.

Don't let your competition dominate.

Grab your space on the #1 Social Commerce Platform in the world!
TTSHOPSELLERS Founder Michelle Barnum Smith
“I am anti-FOMO. 
I am not easily swayed by shiny objects. 
After personally launching over 30 brands on TikTok Shop and seeing sales skyrocket, I want to see this growth for every seller.”

Prize Draw

You qualify for the prize draw by attending all 5 LIVE sessions. Here's whats up for grabs 👇

$10,000 in Cash Prizes to be Collected

We’re giving away 2x $5,000 prizes in hard cash. Use this to fund future product or accelerate the growth of current ones.

$20,000 in Titan memberships

We’re giving away $20,000 in Titan memberships.

Win a Full Listing Makeover ($2,500)

Shoe up every day for the chance to let Titan Ignite revamp and strengthen your entire product listing. So you can go from a mildly successful business to a thriving Amazon brand.

5 x Titans of FBA live event tickets

We're also giving away 5 tickets to our upcoming Titans of FBA LIVE event in Orlando in November.
Can Non-US Sellers Sell on TikTok Shop US?
TikTok Shop requires a US beneficial owner with at least 25% ownership (along with their social security number / ITIN and identity documents). If you are not a US citizen we recommend partnering with someone who is!

How many hours does the course take to complete?
The course is approximately 4.5 hrs long. Each Module is setup to be step by step so if you need to come back to specific steps it's easy for you to find where you left off. 

How long do I have test out the training?
We offer a 5 Day money back guarantee. We know TikTok Shop can be tough to navigate and we do our best to guide you every step of the way. We recommend you review TikTok Shop's Prohibited Products to make sure you can sell your products on TikTok shop prior to purchasing this course.
"I just did a quick overview, and it's awesome. You're fabulous." 
"We went from selling two or three a day to we've selling 180!"
"It was like boom, boom, boom, and I did boom, boom, boom, and got it all done.
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